Products Range

WIRE 2000

At Wire 2000, Dusseldorf, KOPILOWITZ Engineering will exhibit on
hall 9 stand No. 9C25

Our stand at Wire 2000 will include range of Payoffs and Rewinders supporting the company philosophy of manufacturing excellent performance machines with special thought toward functional design, convenient but safety operating, low maintenance requirements and minimum use of floor space:



shaft type rewinder for fine single wire 0.05 0.30 mm. dia., spools:
250 .

The rewinder is for salvage wire from faulty spools by connecting wire from two or more semi filled spools to achieve a filled one.

This process is much cost effective comparing with stopping the drawing machine for the same purpose.



Free standing shaftless motorized Payoff for feeding bare multi wire spool DIN 500 630 mm. to a buncher.

PAI630 dimensions makes the Payoff attractive: less then 1 m. width and 1 m. long. Two motorized arms are for loading and fixing the spool on conical pintles.

Two optional dancers are proposed:

1) integral roller dancer, located on top of the machine (total space dimension for payoff and dancer - 1 m2)

2) pulleys dancer, separate, located in front of the Payoff base.



Shaftless motorized Payoff for fast feeding (10 m/s and more) of bare multi wire spool DIN 500 630 mm

The Payoff has short acceleration and deceleration time which makes it best suitable for feeding wire to small bobbin winding machine.

An on-top dancer controls the tension (0.3-5 Kg.).