KOPILOWITZ Engineering was founded in 1973 as a designer and manufacturer for the machinery industry, servicing it with a wide range of high quality machines and accessories.

KOPILOWITZ Engineering has developed significant expertise in the delivery of machinery and accessories, in various industry. The success of these equipment has been based on the establishment of close and open relationship with the clients, which enable to meet the specific needs, achieving shared goals and objectives.

The main products developed and manufactured by the company are:

- Payoff, Takeup & Rewinding machines for the most modern and advanced wire & cable factories. Substantial number of the company's machines have been successfully installed in local as well as export markets.
- A wide range of setting in motion systems, lifting devices, packing machines, conveyors, automation systems and electro-optic systems.

KOPILOWITZ Engineering offers to provide the client with a high level of services through:
- the skills of it's people.
- Ability to built appropriate machinery.
- The company's management commitment to meet the client objectives.

Meeting the needs of our clients is our primary obligation. It is our philosophy to deliver high level product:
Manufactured with special thought toward functional design, operating convenience and safety, low maintenance requirements and minimum use of floor space.
To the specified quality, at the time requested. Attending to the on-going requirements of our clients with a positive attitude. The company's products are marketed through its reputation for quality and personal service. Our repeated sales are the best proof for reliable and efficient products for many years.

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